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Governance, Rule of Law, and Value System

Experts Panel


As your chief servant, we will lead by personal example, and mainstream the essence of government as servant of the people. The Government will be entrepreneurial in its decision making, seeking the most efficient and effective means to mobilize and deploy the resources of Ndi Anambra for the greatest outcomes, and always benchmarking the efficiency of its service delivery to international best practices.

We will deploy a Service Delivery Charter as a contract between citizens and public servants. Such a Charter will, among other things, clearly define what services citizens can expect and within what time frame. For example, with technology and responsive public service, there is no reason requests/inquiries by citizens should not be responded to/concluded within 48 hours. If elected into office, we will:

  • Reform processes, improve skills, re-orientation, motivate and leverage technology to optimize the efficiency of service delivery; eliminate waste, capture and corruption. Our target is to transit from manual operations to complete E-government in the medium term;

  • Deploy a digitally enabled land administration process with a view of achieving land transfer of title within 72 hours;

  • Complete and operationalize the State integrated financial management system;

  • Review, amend, and operationalize the fiscal responsibility law for greater transparency and sustainability of State finance;

  • Continue and strengthen accountability initiatives such as publishing state accounts regularly;

  • As part of our agenda for transparency and probity, we will subject the State to periodic assessment by international credit rating agencies and multi-lateral agencies;

  • Continue and strengthen institutions for investment promotions and business administration such as ASBA and ANSIPPA;

  • Complete the Governor’s Lodge and the Secretariat to facilitate seamless and efficient government operations;

  • End illegal internally generated revenue (IGR) collections in the State;

  • Strengthen existing partnerships with communities to formalize the town administration as the de facto local administration. The community governments are the closest to the people in Anambra. Our government will empower the community governments to deliver services to the people, including through matching grants scheme; and

  • Review and reform the framework for succession plan for community leaderships such as Igwes, Presidents- General of town unions etc to ensure sustainability and continuity in a seamless manner.

Rule of Law and Property Rights

We will make Anambra State number one in areas of rule of law, property rights, and ease of doing business. Therefore, if elected to office, we will:

  • Actively collaborate with legislators and judiciary in the promulgation of appropriate legislations and speedy administration of justice;

  • Strongly support infrastructural development of the judiciary and deployment of technology as well as investment in continuous human capital development in the sector;

  • Collaborate with the Judiciary to upscale the efficiency of the judicial process to set up a specialized commercial court as well as mainstream the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism to ensure that timelines for commercial dispute resolution are reduced to 30 days from the average of 307days;

  • Provide adequate publicity and use of the Anambra Multi-door courthouse and small claims court for speedy dispensation of justice and decongestion of the judiciary’s docket.

Value System

The ethics and values of a society constitute its fabric and its collective conscience and humanity. Most people agree that our private and public lives are drifting dangerously without the fabric that made us who we were. While a majority of our youths work very hard, the new trend where the motto for some of the youths is: “get rich young or die trying”, or “making money without working for it” with thousands of our youths languishing in prisons abroad cannot define us.  The growing culture of entitlement mentality of wanting something for nothing, cannot be the foundation for sustainable prosperity. Our future lies squarely in reinventing our past.

Our goal is to mobilize Ndi Anambra using all government and civil society institutions to mainstream the true values of Ndi Anambra such as integrity, hard work, competition with compassion, and morals. Therefore, if elected to office, we will:

  • Design and embark upon effective social evangelism, using all possible media—the church, schools, town unions, markets, etc. The Anambra “10 shared values” currently being recited by pupils and students in all schools will be mainstreamed for all residents;

Establish an Anambra State Hall of Fame and annual celebration of great achievers in all fields of endeavour, including teachers, entrepreneurs/job creators, community workers, public servants with demonstrable integrity and efficiency, etc. 

  • Bring back the teaching of Ethics and Civics as part of social curriculum in schools;

  • Design and execute a reward system and public celebration of integrity, hard work, philanthropy, and personal responsibility;

  • Design and implement deliberate programmes to institutionalize the APGA motto - Onye Aghana Nwanne ya. For example, government will collaborate with the Church organs (such as the women, men, and youth organizations) and other civil society organizations to institutionalize cooperative movements for wider empowerment of the weak and vulnerable.

  • Mainstream the Igbo language as an official language along with the English language; and

Social Harmony in the State:

Anambra’s motto is: “Light of the Nation”. Consequently, our government will strive to ensure that Anambra is truly Nigeria’s melting pot, where no one irrespective of gender, state of origin, ethnicity or religion is discriminated against, and everyone feels absolutely at home. In particular, the Government will take proactive steps to ensure harmonious relationships among the various faith groups as well as the indigenes and non-indigenes.

Governance, Rule of Law, and Value System: Press
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