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Our  Plan

Our plan, with smart goals, is based on a deep knowledge of the challenges and a realistic assessment of what we can achieve in Anambra state especially in the context of the current and emerging national opportunities and threats. They are not the usual political promises. The Plan is carefully thought through and costed, and we will aggressively work to mobilize the required resources. Our word is our bond: we expect to exceed the targets in the Plan.

To keep it simple, the various initiatives in our plan are grouped into four major pillars as follows:

  1. Economic Transformation as Nigeria’s next axis of industrial-tech hub and Leisure

  2. Social Agenda: Education, Health, Youth, Women and Vulnerable groups

  3. Governance, Rule of Law, and Value System

  4. Environment:  Clean, Green, Planned and Sustainable Cities, Communities, and Markets

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Economic Transformation

Towards the next Industrial, entertainment/leisure and creative industry, and technology hubs.

We aim to transform Anambra State from a dominantly informal commercial state to a formal, productive, and competitive economy underpinned by rapid industrialization, agriculture, commerce, entertainment/leisure and the creative industry, technology and innovation, solid minerals, and oil and gas.

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Social Agenda

As a government of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), we will live out the true essence of APGA’s motto: “Be your brother’s and sister’s keeper” (Onye aghana nwanne ya). Our goal is to systematically develop a skilled, healthy, and caring society. Inclusiveness is important to us, and all residents of the state will contribute to, and benefit from, the social agenda.
The broad pillars under which we will be driving this agenda are education, health, youth and women empowerment, social protection, and investment for persons living with disabilities, vulnerable widows and the aged.

Assembly Hall

Governance, Rule of Law, and Value System


 As your chief servant, we will lead by personal example, and mainstream the essence of government as servant of the people. The Government will be entrepreneurial in its decision making, seeking the most efficient and effective means to mobilize and deploy the resources of Ndi Anambra for the greatest outcomes, and always benchmarking the efficiency of its service delivery to international best practices...



Towards clean, green, planned and sustainable cities, communities, and markets

The Environment

The environment is the number one existential threat to Anambra State. Therefore, our government will declare a state of emergency on the environment and every citizen will play an active role in protecting the environment...

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